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B R E A K I N G   S U R F A C E

Breaking surface is being presented at the Berlinale Co-production market 2017

Producer Julia Gebauer can be reached at +46 708 140 475


On Christmas day, Swedish/Norwegian half-sisters IDA and TUVA set out to go on a winter dive, keeping up a family tradition. But the family is falling apart and the mood between the sisters isn’t very good. Ida feels powerless in a crumbling marriage and she worries that her relationship with her children will be damaged – that history might repeat itself. Ida’s younger sister Tuva on the other hand is much more self-reliant but deep down also carries hurt over the fractured relationship with Ida.

Just before the sisters head out, Ida’s husband lets her know that he wants a divorce. This weighs heavily on Ida as the sisters gear up with bulky dive equipment and head into the water. Towards the end of the dive a massive rock suddenly comes crashing down and Tuva gets pinned down deep under water. Ida surfaces to call for rescue, only to realize that they are completely cut off - their mobile phones and car keys have been buried by the rockslide.

As a frantic race for survival unfolds Ida clings to the hope of external rescue: fresh car tracks in the snow, a house in the far distance, a small airplane that passes by - but it’s all in vain. 
When all seems lost and Ida has left Tuva for dead at the bottom of the ocean, she realizes, that she has one last chance - to rely solely on herself. Jeopardizing her own life she free dives down to her sister and uses a car-tire-repair kit to finally lift the rock. In the end the sisters are working together to save themselves - two strong and independent women.

Breaking Surface is the story of Ida, a woman afraid to tackle her own problems. But in the end it is her and only her, who can lift the rock - literally as well as symbolically. Coming out at the other end of this extreme experience, Ida is a more powerful self-reliant woman, able to finally address her family situation and make the necessary hard choices. It is the story of how Ida’s gains the self-confidence and strength to move on in life.